Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Jeff , Dennis and Ashtin are the owners and Photographers of Markey Photography. Jeff & Dennis have been friends for about 5 years now. These two guys meet while working as EMTs for a private ambulance service called Acadian Ambulance. One day while working at the station the two started talking (pipe dreaming) about opening a business together. Jeff made mention that the only other passion other than EMS was photography. 


Jeff started in Photography when he was 15 and his mom gave him his first Canon t50 35mm camera! Since then Jeff has tried to keep up with the trends shooting medium format 35mm and digital formats.







Dennis started following his dad around who was a shutterbug as well. This is where Dennis learned that he loved to captures those memories. So that one day they could look back on the photosand laugh where they came from.







Ashtin is one of Jeff's daughters who is showing a lot of interest in photography as well. She is currently in High School and is doing general studies as well as High Steppers Drill Team. Ashtin shoots a 3rd shooter capturing what we like to refer as a different look. Ashtin loves to push the boundaries looking for that perfect angle! 



Now days

Jeff and Dennis still love saving lives on the Ambulance! As a way to unwind they turned to photography, where they came up with a slogan They want the beauty in front of the lens to shine through paper that will stay with those forever.