Photo Booth Rental

So your going all out on your wedding day!?! Have you really gone the extra mile to make it a memorable event for your guests though? When Chrissy and I got married we put out little disposable cameras, the outcome was less than shareable!! We actually got some pictures that were borderline Pornography!  (try explaining that to the 1 hour photo guy) Now that being said, it was fun but I really wish we had something the guest could take home that night that would remind them of the greatest night of our life! That is totally possible now!! Renting a photo booth is affordable and a controlled environment that has one of the most memorable experiences for everyone! What comes with a photo booth rental you might ask? 


1. A template that is customized that will reflect all the cool colors of the event, that is agreed on before the event. 

2. A print out of the photo for all of your guests.  

3. There will always be a live specialist that is there just in case!

4. A copy of the print can be emailed or texted to the guest rather than a print.   

5. These make a great book for the wedding couple.  

All in all the photo booth is super practical affordable and easy to use.