Senior Portraits in Demand


WHAT!! It’s the end of April! May is just around the bend! What does that mean? IT’S TIME FOR SENIOR PORTRAITS! Cap and gowns are in. Trees and flowers are in full bloom and are amazing! If that’s not your thing it’s ok we have plenty of locations to choose from! It’s time to think about graduation invitations! We can do it!! MarKey specializes in on location photo shoots! Whether or not you’re graduating from high school or college, we can help create A unique experience for whatever your looking for! 




 Whether you are graduating from high school or from college we can create a unique photo experience you will be able to  cherish for years to come!  



On location shoots start at $299 with 1 to 3 outfits and generally take from 1 to 2 hours depending on your needs anything of 2 hours is $75 an hour.