It’s been a minute!!

Winter is a rough time for portraits, but it clears up time to invest on personal projects! It is also a good time to reflect on Gods gifts to us as his beloved sons and daughters! 


As as a photographer we spend a lot of time trying to master out trade. If it’s not the best quality in camera, we prefect it in post editing. We spend a lot of time studying and trying to keep up with the trends. Our most recent shoot was with my Godson Nico. Nico aspires to one day be in modeling so we tried to push our limits. Freezing cold is a hard time to get “the shot” but I like to think we did that! He and his mom loved the outcome, so that puts a huge smile on our faces. That tells me that we are truly creating something that is not only creative but we are creating something that can be life altering!  



We got an opportunity to cover a very special wedding last year. John and Cheeto’s wedding was one for the books! We had such a fun time because it was a union of Holy matrimony! Cheeto was such an incredibly strong who was at the time battling a long battle with cancer. Sadly after only a couple of months Cheeto lost her battle with cancer. The story of her throwing her wig Instead of her flowers was epic! Just her style! The story went viral and it was amazing to capture that moment! When we as photographers  try to make a living at creating memories, you sometimes lose grips with the fact that your creating something that will be charshed long after we are gone from this world. If you take anything away from this blog post think of this. Life is so precious and you don’t want it to pass you by. Cherish the moments that God has gifted us with! Rest In Peace Cheeto, it was an honor to know you for the very short time we knew you! John if you ever read this God bless you sir. We are here for you!