Shoot Edits done and delivered

we had a lot of fun this weekend with two different families! It’s hard to believe that it was high 80’s this weekend and the thermostat says 49 degrees this morning and raining! 

Well it TEXAS y’all! Home of the ADD weather! 

One of the coolest things about this weekend was the fact that I got to do what I LOVE! With the ones I love!  

Now I’m not going to lie I was pushed way outside my comfort zone this weekend! I have not really worked with toddlers or new borns in a really long time! All and all I think it was a success!  


My girls (my wife and daughter Rhyin) were amazing in helping get the other Girls attention and helping as noise makers!  


Life these days are hard!! So when you get the chance to help, it makes it a little eaiser on everyone! Chrissy, Rhyin and Ashtin ( lil Frankie) my security guard! Thank you for everything you did!