The big day is creeping up and one of the first questions we are asked when we set up an appointment is what do we wear. That is a great question to ask. Because this can go really wrong!


Something to think of; What are you going to do with the pictures? Consider what season the photo shoot will be in. By minding the season it puts a date stamp with out a physical date stamp. That’s just not flattering! Is it something you want to share with on Facebook or Instagram where hundreds of people will see this? Lastly, are you trying to get update LinkedIn to get that dream job? You might want to dust off the old suite and tie. 


First and best rule for Family portraits is mind the color wheel. Guys if you Wife or girl friend wants to wear a pastel yellowish hopper with a floral print, that’s not the day to wear your poo brown or green pea soup colored shirt with your tropical swim trunks!


You can go with the classical look of white tee shirts and blue jeans if you're going for that relaxed look. Or go with something causal like kaki slacks and build the outfit around the pants you plan on wearing.


I have enclosed a link to a very knowledgeable young lady you might know; Whippy Cake! Ladies, this girl has it together! If all else fails, follow her advice and guys, try to keep up! If he is still clueless what to wear, ladies just dress him to match for your perfect portrait session!


Love, MarKey Photography